Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Snow

So far we are having tons of great snow. Lots of downhill and cross-country skiing to be had. Please come and visit!


Danny, our builder, laughed real hard when Kevin told him that we wanted the kitchen bump out moved 24 inches to the right and a wall in the first bedroom pushed back a foot. He said, " I don't do renovations." It took some time but Danny was eventually cool with the remodeling. Of course, costing us dearly. The new bump out. No longer a tight fit by the stairs. I must say that I mentioned this early in the building process, but was reassured by the big man (Kevin) that all will be okay.
Beautiful view of the three sisters of Black Mountain from the first floor.
Fir flooring has arrived for the porch. The barn is now being used for staining with Penofin oil. Luckily we got a couple nights at the inn and with our neighbors.


The hearth begins....cement is laid along with radiant tubing to keep the toes warm. Here is Charlie Bean the mason. He will be using stones that we have been collecting for years and stone from the recent blasting to create the hearth/mantle.
Hard at work during some very cold weather. No doors yet. He used a skill saw with a stone cutting blade to scribe fit the rocks together.
We salvaged the mantle from the old house. It was a perfect fit for the mantle in the new house.
The finished product. There is a bit of orange and that is from the rust of the blasted rocks. They will get cleaned off with scrubbing and muriatic acid to help tone the color down.

Fryeburg Fair and friends

Check out our friends Megan and Dave's blog at http://19ridgeroad.blogspot.com/
Look under the 10/05/07 date and watch our day at the fayah!
Their house is beautiful.

Also wanted to mention that our friends Cindi and Nick Rathbone are moving to Brunswick, ME. She is due to have their baby in December and will live in the house that Nick has built. Check out their blog at http://www.balooboat.blogspot.com/

Fall foliage aerials

Our friend Megan Simone got a ride in a helicoptor from our friend Ned Sullivan and took a few aerial shots this fall. The colors were spectacular.

Roof and trim

Nothing like a 3 month hiatus from blogging. Sorry about that. It's a new year with new resolutions. Anyways this is Rob Duff, owner of Specialized Painting, applying the first coat of paint to the trim. Charlie, his dog, loved to bask in the sun on the roof. As you can tell the chimney top is on. The roof is on before the snow flies! Yea!!!!
We had the big piles of rock/dirt leveled. Below are mostly the remains of the rocks from the blasting.
More copper trim and valleys.
This is the family/great room getting lots of afternoon sun. Can't wait for the 8' French Doors.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chimney and trim

Pop goes the chimney. As you walk into the house from the front door you will be welcomed with a warm, glowing fire in the woodstove.
Kevin has been steadily binning and priming the trim. Kevin loves trim.
He also loves phat returns and copper. Nice aren't they?
Back view. Trim being applied. It is a very precise, measured process.
Nice and simple.